Stack Pie Revisited
Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at 11:16AM
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Stack pies are getting a lot of attention lately, thanks to the NY Times article by Melissa Clark. Here's our post that brought the tradition back from the pages of a book, offering a new look at pie.

From our post

Each pie from a family was stacked on top of another's pie. And again and again. The pies could become ridiculously high. Four, five, six, or more pies stacked on top of each other, creating something new out of their collective parts. When Karen read this, she demanded we do it for ourselves.

Some family traditions are worth passing down. Even if you never knew about them until you read a book.

And after trying it, you must make this a family tradition. Get your damn pies up.

Read the full post on stack pies, and then get to stacking.

Stacked Pies: Whole Lemon Pie + Blueberry Strawberry Pie from Melissa Clark and SassyRadish

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